Integrating Technology in Education: The Issue of Plagiarism

In regards to integrating technology into the educational learning environment/classroom, plagiarism is a currently existing and debated issue in the education community.  However, the access to technological and internet resources are most likely easily available outside of the educational environment; students in today’s society have an increasingly vital need to understand the proper and improper uses of these existing resources, especially the concept of and issue with plagiarism.  Furthermore, students need to effectively and properly develop these skills with guidance and expectation.

Independent practice of writing a short research essay/report without plagiarism, properly utilizing and citing evidence/resources, teaches the student ownership of work, as well as academic honesty and integrity.  Another advantage of integrating technology/research into the educational learning environment is the active involvement required by students to achieve this understanding and application skill caters to all learning styles—auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  Possible disadvantages exist, such as proper use of technology during activities or internet safety—these are issues that are also necessary to address prior to implementation of active research and typing lessons/activities by students in the classroom.



Martin, D. F. (2005). Plagiarism and Technology: A Tool for Coping With Plagiarism. Journal Of Education For Business80(3), 149-152.

Mansoor, F., & Ameen, K. (2016). Promoting Academic Integrity in South Asian Research Culture: The Case of Pakistani Academic Institutions. South Asian Studies (1026-678X)31(2), 77-90.


6 thoughts on “Integrating Technology in Education: The Issue of Plagiarism

  1. I agree, that shows there still is a need for good old hand written essay style questions on at least some test during the year, at least enough to determine the writing skills of the student.

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  2. Yeah I think that students really need to be able to learn how to vett sources and be able to put things in their own words that’s the only way that they’re really going to be able to learn anything. Also copying and pasting is just plain cheating. that I hope there are repercussions because it cheapens the Hard work of people who actually tried

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  3. Agree totally with this post! The key to preventing plagiarism while technology is utilized is to “develop these skills with guidance and expectation” – it is so easy to copy and paste these days. Students need to understand how harmful that can be, and should also understand how how to recognize the increasing amount of false information available.

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